The word meditation by my insight is to mediate between body & Mind, to Deep dive into oneself to explore the world within

Types of meditation

There are many types & techniques of meditation for you to explore. All these different options can be quite confusing and disturb your inner equilibrium, so it is very important to choice which you are comfortable & to be learnt step by step in your journey to inner bliss. 
The important thing is making time every day to sit, and connect with the Self. 
I am introducing below a powerful meditation technique which will guide you step by step to achieve bliss in your life.  


  • Meditation is not a theory that can be taught, it can only be experienced by practicing by one self
  • Meditation is a practice where an individual is in the state of bliss
  • Live the moment is key to meditation

Meditation do it your self

Excited to start a new journey, spirited yes

Quiet setting

This is particularly key if one is new to meditation,with practice a person becomes more aware and will be able to meditate in any place & in any situation.

Comfortable posture

This can be a sitting up position, lying down, standing up or walking, as long as the person is comfortable. meditation postures across numerous traditions all maintain a straight spine as important. but  much practiced one is the Lotus posture i.e. the person is cross-legged but with their feet firmly on their thighs.

 My first experience

Sit in your comfortable position close your eyes, count from 1 to 30 in your mind, once 30 is completed open your eyes slowly, your first experience into the journey of discovering your self has been initiated..
The experience of this first journey is different for different person, one cannot compare the shear experience he or she went through the 30 second journey, Keep a note book & start writing your experience & share with me.

Repeat the above steps for 3 days continuously & make a note in your book each day what you experienced while meditating. We will analyze your experience  in coming days.

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