Jain Tours

Janma to Moksha
trail tour of Adinath

Its a must visit tour once in a lifetime which carries a significant importance, with the sole intention of filling the soul with purity as well as serenity towards attaining the salvation.

Birth to Salvation trail
of 22 Tirthankaras

Life comes full circle in each birth till this viscous cycle is broken, one of the ways is to take the pilgrimage of 20 Tirthankaras salvation path & following their principle in life

Tamilnadu Jain Trail

Tamil Nadu is one sacred and spiritual state in India. The state  boasts some exquisite Jain Temples that make excellent pilgrimage site Tamil Nadu is truly the archaeological treasures of Jainism.

Maharashtra Pravas

Chalukyas, Rashtrakoots and Shilahars ruled the central & Sothern part of India, the know carved state of Maharashtra which once was a Jain kingdom has forts caves & monuments built by kings are worth to explore

Girnar Yatra

Girnar is sacred to pilgrim of Jain faith, of the five mountain range fifth peak of the mountain is called as Neminath mountain here prabhu attained Moksha. The footprints of Bhagwan Neminath are installed here

Trail of salvation
to choice from

Mokshi Bhoomi Bharat has many Pilgrim places to choice from length and breath, we assist you to plan complete yatra to suit your days according to season of travel

Gommateshwara TrailĀ 

The land where you find many Gommateshwara statues built in the golden era of Jainism in Karnataka. This is one place you find these sculptures of size were you experience the divinity by standing in front .

Jain Triangle

Delhi Hastinapur Shri Mahavirji and surrounding offers a unique Combination of old and new styles of architecture which co exist with their significance in times lapse which offers a soothing peace of mind

Jain Tirth in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a major Jain pilgrimage center, where we find many Atishay Tirth kshetra & Siddha tirth Kshetra next to Uttar pradesh. Many rulers of the past patronaged Jainism, had bult many temples