Nature Meditation Tours

Meditation @ Babaji cave

Meditation purifies all levels of your consciousness: body, emotions, mind and intellect practicing it regularly burns karma, that stands in the way of salvation. 

Meditation in Himalaya

Rejuvenate your self by Purifying your Body Mind & Soul to lead a healthy balanced life, knowledge you gain in this tour will pay away a path to achieve the highest

Panchabootha Meditation

Pancha indicates “five” Bhoota means “elements”, Balancing of the five elements of nature Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space is called Pancha Bhoota meditation.

Meditation @ Source

Practicing Meditation regularly in your place with intent gives you the vigor in your daily life which is much needed in your hectic life

Meditation in Nature

Purifying your Body Mind & Soul & tuning the life force (energy)to nature is the essence of healthy life to lead. Program is designed in that way

Way to Natural Meditation

Life is what we live, we are struck in the viscous cycle of life working as a machine operated by our needs, which are end less,